Hostel KW Gangnam is a perfect place where bg_instruction_tit
guests can enjoy Korean culture,
Meeting new people and feel joy of travel

Welcome to Hostel KW
The meaning of KW is Korean culture spread all over the world.
We would like to give you unforgettable memories about Korea.
Also, we will try to make Hostel KW Gangnam be a great resting place.


img_in_01icon_rHostel KW Gangnam with happiness, joy, and special thing!

There’ll be so many chances to hang out with a lot of foreign tourist.

img_in_02icon_b The location

The location of HostelKW gangnam is so convenient for guests to access to Sinnonhyeon Station line.9
It takes only about 3minutes by walk from the hostel Not only can you get to Gimpo airport within 30minutes by subway
But you can also get to Incheon Intl airport within an hour. If you want to go to many tourist attractions near seoul, HostelKW Gangnam is a perfect location where you can take various public transportation like subway, bus and taxi


img_in_03icon_yThe price

We would like to provide reasonable price for guests.
If you like to stay in a cozy and comfortable hostel compared to luxury and fancy hotel, HostelKW Gangnam is perfectly fit for you
How about trying to stay in HostelKW gangnam?


img_in_04icon_g It is good for long-term and short-term guests

The rooms are divided into 4type rooms such as twin room, double room and 4beds room
its structure is like studio apartment
cooking is also available in the room
we are sure that It is suitable for both long-term and short-term guests

I will help you to enjoy
traveling in Korea

Language in use / Japanese, English
Work / Manager
Service / take care of bookings and manage the hostel

cleaning rooms and
dealing with guests

Language in use / Japanese, Korean, English
Work / Front Staff
Service / giving information about tour and bookings

Let us get along with like
friends and family

Language in use / Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Work / Front Staff
Service / cleaning rooms and dealing with guests
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